Reasons To Integrate Simulated Training Into Your Crane Operations

Training in the operator's seat of a crane is a necessary part of becoming a certified crane operator. Before your trainees sit in the seat, simulated environments should be a component of their training. There are several advantages to using simulation training for both trainees and current employees. Decrease Apprehension For many new trainees, maneuvering large equipment and being responsible for the safety of those around them can be intimidating. Instead of going directly from textbook learning to actually maneuvering a crane, using simulation training as intermediary step can reduce anxiety and make trainees feel more assertive when sitting in the operator's chair. Read More 

Put A Lock On It: 5 Good Reasons To Lock Your Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is a simple and effective way of managing and removing waste, whether your company is in the middle of a major clean-out or if it simply needs the extra capacity for everyday waste management. But having an unsecured dumpster on the premises can serve as an unintended invitation for a wide variety of problems. The following offers 5 good reasons why you should always use a high-quality lock to keep your rented dumpster secure. Read More 

How CLAMS Can Make You A Better Stick Welder

There are several different types of welding methods, and stick welding is one of the most common ones because of the low operating costs and ease of operation. Also called Shielded Metal Arc Welding, stick welding is the process of fusing pieces of metal together using welding rods that consist of filler metal and flux. The filler metal holds the two pieces of metal together and the flux protects the molten metal of the weld. Read More 

PLC Vs. PAC: Understanding The Differences

For over four decades, programmable logic controllers have been a mainstay in the industrial manufacturing industry. These highly advanced controllers gave engineers the tools needed to safely and successfully carry out a broad range of automated processes, from assembly lines and printing presses, to amusement parks and water treatment systems. But PLCs aren't the only option available to industrial customers, these days. Programmable automation controllers are making headway in the automation market, offering their own array of unique capabilities and user options. Read More 

How To Choose The Air Compressor For The Job You Are Doing

Most people would benefit from the services of an air compressor, like those at Kruman Equipment Co, at some point or another. It is a great tool to have around the home. Depending upon the type of work you do, it could be vital to your job site. Choosing the right air compressor for your needs is the key to being satisfied with what you purchase. Considering a few key points will make it easier. Read More