3 Reasons Your Company Needs To Use Zinc-Nickel Finishing

If you own a company that manufactures metal parts, you know that choosing the proper metal finishing process is essential. The right finishing will ensure that your products are durable, attractive, and functional. Zinc-nickel finishing can protect your products and help them last longer. Here's why your company needs to use this type of plating.

Corrosion Resistance

Rust can be very detrimental to the longevity of any metal product. While it is an inherent property in nature, it can quickly spread and create issues for your company's products or parts when left untreated. Zinc-nickel finishing offers corrosion resistance through electroplating processes which deposit a thick layer of zinc onto steel or other metals. This thick layer provides a barrier against corrosion and offers excellent protection from the elements. You can use it for indoor and outdoor applications, making it suitable for a wide array of products and industries.

Zinc-nickel plating is also much more affordable. It just requires a simple electrical charge to apply and can be used for large or small projects. So, if your company needs affordable protection against rust and corrosion while still receiving an exceptional quality of results, you should consider using this plating option.

Improves Appearance

Aesthetic is essential, especially on metal products like knives and tools, which require extensive polishing to attract customers. Zinc-nickel finishes offer a more matte look because they resist flash rising. They also provide unique color options such as shiny, dull, light, and dark finishes. If you are designing or manufacturing steel products that need to look good, Zinc-nickel plating is a great option.

Moreover, Zinc-nickel finishing reduces the need to polish finished products. This is especially important if your company uses sheet metal because it can be very time-consuming and expensive to polish.

Increases Efficiency

When you order custom Zinc-nickel parts, you'll get products that are ready to go. You won't need any additional machining or finishing processes, and the material will likely already come in your preferred shape and size. This will save you time and money in manufacturing efforts and make it easier for you to stay competitive on price while delivering excellent products in a timely fashion.

Using this alloy will also help you reduce errors during production. Each part arrives at its final stage straight from an automated machine with no human interference needed until assembly. It reduces room for mistakes and saves employees from trying to fit pieces together. With this consistency, you can improve your efficiency, lower production time, and reduce errors.

Zinc-nickel finishing can be a good option for your company if you are looking for a durable and cost-effective option. Using it will ensure your products are of high quality. For more information, contact a Zinc-nickel plating service near you.