4 Types of Architectural Services a Company Can Invest In

Without a doubt, designing a building requires specialized knowledge. It is not something that you're likely to have experience with if you don't have any training. So, if you're looking to build your business, hiring architectural services will ensure the job gets done correctly and efficiently while meeting all legal requirements for construction within your given area. Here are four types of architectural services your company can invest in.

1. Schematic Design

In schematic design, the architect defines the boundaries and scope of a project. It allows the client to explore ideas and identify potential problems that could arise during construction or through the use of a building upon completion. This service also enables all stakeholders involved in a project to agree on what should be included within its scope. An architect can provide a complete description of how the building should look, what it's made from, and how many stories it will have to help stakeholders decide. This design also includes a floor plan, which can be described as an architectural drawing that illustrates the arrangement of space within a building or other structure.

2. Design Development

Design development is a service that includes developing more detailed drawings that are still subject to changes and revisions, but which provide a much better idea of what the finished project will look like. This service integrates all proposed systems into one master plan by refining functional areas for space allocation, specifying materials and finishes, and determining equipment specifications. Architects perform this work while coordinating with engineers.

3. Construction Documents

Buildings and structures are not typically created in a single moment. Design, construction drawings, and specifications must be put together before the first brick of the structure are laid out on site. Construction documents include creating or selecting architectural products such as detailed designs, and technical publications like manuals for building equipment, which make up documents that form blueprints. Architects require these blueprints during all the phases of the project to ensure your building turns out just as you need it to.

4. Construction Administration

Construction administration services may not be required by code, but they can be a valuable part of the design process. They help reduce risk and schedule delays in construction errors. They also control costs during construction. During this process, an architect will work with all the project parties and provide oversight on any changes that may affect job schedules or costs.

There are many types of architectural services that companies can invest in. Working with an architect will help you figure out which type you require based on your business needs, project size, and timeline. Knowing these disciplines will also help you make wise decisions before jumping into any contracts or agreements.