Changing The Lite Or Glass In Your Door To Update The Look Without Replacing The Door

Many exterior doors come with windows in them, referred to as lites of glass or door lites. A door with a removable door lite frame allows you to change the entire look of the door by simply changing the door lite. There are many different replacement lite frames available from the door manufacturer, and choosing one allows you to customize your door to your style. 

Replacement Lites

When you want to change the door lite frame in your exterior door, you need to determine the opening size in the door. Measure the current door lite at the edges of the frame vertically and horizontally, and take the measurements with you. 

If you know what brand the door is, that can make finding a replacement window easier.  Many companies use the same size door lite frame in their doors, and that can help. If you are not sure what to buy, you can visit a door supplier and talk to them about the door and how to replace the lite in it. 

Most door installation companies will come and look at the door, then replace the door lite for you, and most of them have an array of custom door lite frames available so you can pick one out, and they will bring it to your home and change it. 

Replacing your Door Lite

If you are replacing the door lite yourself, start by removing the trim covering the screws on the inside of the frame. Once the screws are exposed, you can remove all but one in the top center and one in the bottom. 

Get an assistant to help support the glass from outside, then remove the bottom screw from the frame. Carefully remove the top screw while your assistant holds the door lite in place, then once the screw is out, lean the glass door lite out at the top and have your assistant remove it from the door. 

Installing the new lite works the same way but reverses the steps. Your assistant should put the bottom of the new door lite into the door opening, then lean to top in until the frame is against the door. From inside the door, position the inner frame and seal on the door, then put the screws in, starting at the top center. 

Tighten all screws evenly, ensuring that you are not crushing the seal. Once they are all in, you can put the trim in place that covers the screws. The entire installation can be completed in less than an hour and will completely change the way the door looks if you use a different door lite from the one that came with the door.

If you choose to do the work yourself, do not use power tools on the screws. Overtightening the screws could damage the seal and the frame, ruining the new door light frame.

To learn more about lite frames, contact a company near you.