5 Tips When Buying An Industrial Air Compressor

While a homeowner can get away with a small portable air compressor for routine maintenance, your company probably needs something heavy-duty and stationary to get the job done right. If you haven't purchased a new one in a while or you're only now thinking of getting an industrial air compressor, check out these tips to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Have Your Current System Inspected First

If you already have an industrial air compressor, have yours inspected before you replace it. In some cases, this can save you a lot of money because you may only need to replace one or more parts instead of the entire system. If you can, you'll need to ensure you purchase the right-sized part, and you'll need to choose between aftermarket or manufacturer parts. Aftermarket parts are usually less expensive, but if you use your system a lot, it may be a better investment to purchase a high-quality part directly from the manufacturer.

Determine If You Need Electric or Gas

Air compressors come in electric and gas, and depending on why and where you are using the compressor, one may be a better choice than the other. Electric compressors are not as powerful as gas, and they are better for indoor use because you need an outlet, and there is no exhaust. With a gas compressor, you'll get amazing power, but you will likely have to use it outside because of the exhaust. If you chose a portable gas compressors, you'll have the luxury of going just about anywhere with it.

Choose Your Specifications

You'll also want to consider the horsepower rating and the cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating. The higher the horsepower, the longer you'll be able to run the compressor for longer because the system can store more air in the system's reservoir. A system with a high CFM rating, however, has more power when expelling air, making it great for bigger or heavier projects. Last, of course, you'll need to consider the size of the system to ensure you have adequate space to store it.

Choose Between a Single-Stage or Two-Stage System

Stationary air-compressors come in single-stage and two-stage systems. Single-stage air compressor are less powerful than a two-stage systems, making them better for smaller projects. They are more comparable to portable units because the PSI is usually less than 120. Two-stage systems are the better choice for bigger projects and equipment because they can use over 120 PSI. This makes it a great choice for air tools, such as air hammers and impact wrenches.

Consider Used Equipment

Finally, air compressors aren't cheap, especially if you need a high-end, heavy-duty one for big jobs. Therefore, if you can't afford a new compressor or you don't use one that often, it may be better to choose a used system. You can find used systems from private sellers and online stores. You may save money with a private seller, but make sure you know what you're getting. Many private sales are as-is, so if the air-compressor doesn't work or isn't the right fit for your needs, you may not be able to get a refund. With an online store, however, you can usually trust the used equipment, and there may even be a warranty.

An air compressor can make doing many tasks a breeze, but only if you choose the right one for your business. Whether you buy new or used, however, make sure it is the right size and has enough power. For more information about air compressors, such as direct drive rotary air compressors, contact a seller in your area today.