Want To Live Without Relying On Companies Or The Government For Utilities? What To Know

If you are considering living on your own in a remote location and you are not sure if you want to rely on a gas line for all of your heating needs, or other regular utilities, there are other options to consider. You can find other ways to provide electricity, heat, water and more for your home, without having to rely on the government or local providers. Here are some things to consider.

COD Oil Heating

You can buy COD oil online to burn to heat your home, and you can buy it in bulk so you are able to save money over time. If you are purchasing this type of oil and you know others that may also want to use it, you can consider purchasing a larger order with more savings and splitting the cost. Talk with the oil manufacturers and distributors to find out where you can get what you need.

Geothermal Options

Geothermal heating and cooling isn't anything new. With the right geothermal heating and cooling unit you will be able to:

  • Heat the property from ground source energy
  • Pull hot muggy moist air from the house to keep it cooler
  • Heat water

An HVAC professional can assess the area where you live to figure out what type of geothermal heating pump would be the best for your property, and what other energy saving self-sufficient options you can explore.

Solar Power Sources

Solar panels around the property are a must if you do not want to have to be connected to a main electrical source through the city. Find out what panels can be placed on the roof or top of the home, and what solar powered lighting fixtures you can use. Once you have an estimate for the options and changes you can make, you'll see if you can go completely without being connected to an electrical source.

If you are ever in fear that these different options will let you down for your utility needs, you can consider getting a backup generator. This way if something goes wrong, you can always use the generator until you can get the problem fixed and can go back to your old ways. A generator is a great option for you to have in time of crisis as well. Talk with the experts to receive quotes for all these options if you want to live without relying on others.