Benefits Of Using Zinc Instead Of Steel For Die Casting

If you want to retool some parts for manufacturing purposes, then it may be in your best interest to look into zinc die casting instead of steel. While steel is often the standard for parts and pieces, especially in the construction industry, zinc does have some benefits over steel. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

No Corrosion

One of the benefits of choosing zinc over steel is the fact that zinc does not rust. Steel is a metal that contains iron, and iron interacts with oxygen to create iron oxide. This iron oxide is weak and forms the rust on the exterior of the steel. 

Zinc actually interacts with oxygen as well; however, the interaction creates a strong and resilient coating that protects the metal underneath from corrosion. This coating is often called a patina and if the patina is disturbed in some way, the exposed zinc will react with the air and create a new layer of protection. Zinc is so protective and corrosion-resistant that the metal is often used to coat iron, and this is how galvanized steel is created. 

This means that zinc is ideal in situations where construction materials and parts are exposed to a good deal of moisture. For example, some roofs in Europe are made from zinc and retain their patina and strength for decades. 

Easy To Work With And Accessible

One of the reasons why zinc is often used for casting is the fact that it is easy to work with. Specifically, it is malleable at a fairly low temperature of 100 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that large-scale smelting operations can be avoided when the metal is utilized. Steel does require high heats.

Keep in mind that this also means that the metal will become soft in high-heat situations, so it is not optimal for machinery parts. Typically, you want to use zinc in situations where aluminum or copper would be utilized.

Unlike copper and aluminum, zinc is quite abundant in the earth and it can be mined at a lower cost as well. Less energy is often needed to complete the mining, so this can help you with the establishment of green manufacturing processes -- so can the fact that zinc can be completely recycled, unlike a lot of other metals.

If you want to know more about zinc and how it can be used for die casting, speak with a die casting or tooling professional. Companies like Pinjack International LLC can offer more information.