What Is The Difference Between A Construction Surveyor And A Land Surveyor?

Professional land surveyors of any type are highly valuable to not only private residence owners, but also to businesses and other property owners just the same. While most people are quite familiar with the fact that there are different types of land surveyors, most know two primary types: a construction surveyor and a land surveyor. These two professionals offer two very different types of services, but yet, they both have similar skills and knowledge. Here is a look at some of the differences between a construction surveyor and a regular land surveyor just in case you have ever wanted to know. 

Land surveyors focus more on undeveloped pieces of property or residential properties

A regular land surveyor is more likely to be found mapping out the legal lines and boundaries of a piece of residential property. These professionals are also highly sought after for undeveloped pieces of property that are being split up or divided for resale or surveyed before the land changes ownership. While land surveyors can work just about anywhere, within city limits or beyond, they are often part of real estate projects that involve the sale of land. 

Construction surveyors often work with a property that is highly developed

Construction surveyors are tasked with going to a location and determining the exact logical layout of a proposed manmade object, structure, or change. Therefore, they may not always be working with a blank piece of land. In fact, it is not uncommon for a construction surveyor to work within city limits where there are many properties in the area that have to be considered as part of the proposed changes. 

Land surveyors help settle land disputes

It is not uncommon for land surveyors to become part of civil lawsuits and cases because of conflicts between landowners. Their professionally documented surveying results will be used in court to show property boundaries to bring an end to disputes or prove someone was at fault for impeding on another's property. 

Construction surveyors are heavily relied on by city governments

When a new construction project is taking place within city limits that is happening because of the local government, the local government will often employ a construction surveyor. This person will stay with the project until its completion to help ensure property boundaries are minded and solid construction work takes place in the area that will not disrupt the local citizens or businesses.