3 Maintenance Tasks When Turning Radiant Heating Off for Spring and Summer

If you rely on radiant heating to keep your home warm throughout the winter, you are going to be ready to shut the system off as spring arrives. Though caring for a radiant heating system is pretty much hassle-free, there are still a few maintenance tasks that you need to do every spring. Here are some tips to help prepare your radiators and boiler for warmer weather, so you can turn the radiant heat system off until next winter.

1. Turn the Heating System Off and Adjust the Valves

If you have a radiant heating system for your home, there are a couple components that control the flow of thermal energy to radiators. The first component is the thermostat, which should be turned off to prevent the system from coming on. The other component is the valves that control the flow of hot water to your radiators from your boiler. You want to make sure that the valves are set to only provide hot water for potable use. Doing this will prevent the natural flow of hot water from your boiler to your radiant heat system, keeping you frominadvertently heating your home when you are trying to keep it cool.

2. Close Radiators To Prevent Heating When You Need Cooling

The radiators in your home have an adjustable valve or knob on them, which allows you to control the flow of hot water. During the summer months, you want to make sure that the valves are completely closed so hot water does not flow into the radiators. This will prevent the problem of heating your home during the summertime when you need be cooling it. If you touch a radiator when the heat should be off, and it feels warm, check to make sure all the valves are completely closed.

3. Perform Boiler and Fuel Maintenance To Keep Your System on Standby

Before you are finished with maintenance, you will want to service the boiler and make sure you have plenty of fuel. If you use the boiler for hot water, make sure that it is working properly and that the temperature for potable hot water is at the right setting. If you use a propane water heater system during the warmer months, have a fuel service help with maintenance and preparing your fuel tank.

These are some radiant heating maintenance tips for spring to prepare for warmer weather. If you need help with your fuel tank maintenance and refill for hot water during warmer months, contact a residential Ip gas service like Gas Production CO Inc.