How To Choose The Air Compressor For The Job You Are Doing

Most people would benefit from the services of an air compressor, like those at Kruman Equipment Co, at some point or another. It is a great tool to have around the home. Depending upon the type of work you do, it could be vital to your job site. Choosing the right air compressor for your needs is the key to being satisfied with what you purchase. Considering a few key points will make it easier.

Is It The Right Grade?

Air compressors come in three basic grades. You can purchase a consumer grade, a contractor grade, or a commercial grade. Each of these is designed, as well as priced to perform at a different level. Along with the grade, there are various types. Each of these has to be considered when making your decision.

Do You Just Need It Around The House?

Consumer-grade air compressors are designed to perform the small tasks that you have around your home that may require a little air. They are perfect to inflate a wide range of things, that may range from pool tools to car tires. They can also run home repair tools that may require compressed air, such as nail guns and staplers. They are not what you want if you are going to be running multiple tools at one time, or taking on a large project, such as building a deck. Compressors designed for consumer use breaks down into four basic categories:

  • Inflators - These do just what their name implies. They are a simple, inexpensive way to inflate everyday items. Unfortunately, they can be rather slow. These are small, and perfect to keep in the trunk of your car for those just in case moments.
  • Pancake Air Compressors - If you are in the need of slightly more air, or need air faster, you may want to consider a pancake air compressor. Since they have a larger tank than an inflator, they are more powerful. Pancake compressors have a reputation of being maintenance free, but extremely noisy. They are still small, portable, and lightweight.
  • Hot Dog Air Compressors - If you will be running small air tools, you will want to use a compressor that has the strength and abilities that can be found in a hot dog compressor. While these are still relatively small, they can be much heavier than the previous models that have been discussed.
  • Twin-Stack Air Compressors - If you are running air tools on a regular basis, and enjoy doing small projects around your home with your tools, you will want to consider purchasing a twin-stack compressor. Since there are double tanks on this type of compressor, it is able to provide you with twice the air without your compressor turning on and off. It is great to run your nail guns and staplers.

Do You Need It To Do The Job?

Contractor-grade air compressors are designed to be a workhorse on the job site, or even around the home. This is the type of compressor that you will need if you are planning on taking on building projects, running multiple tools at one time, or even performing regular roadside assistance. Because they are larger, and more cumbersome to transport and handle, most of these come on a wheeled cart, or may even be mounted on your trailer, or vehicle.

You will find a wide range of models in this category. Including the following:

  • Portable Single-Stage Air Compressors - These are the most popular models for people who are running multiple tools on a regular basis. They have stronger engines, and compressor pumps, than the consumer-grade models that have already been discussed. They are perfect for large building projects around the house, or use on the job.
  • Stationary Single-Stage Air Compressors - If you need a powerful burst of air, but not on a continuous basis, these types of compressors are worth looking at. These are great in automotive shops, or in other professions that need an affordable way to generate air.
  • Wheelbarrow Air Compressors - are designed with powerful engines, large tanks, and are constructed of heavy duty materials. They can be quite heavy, but are built to take the daily punishments a job-site offers.
  • Trunk-Mounted Compressors - These are some of the most powerful compressors that can be portable. Even then, their weight dictates that a truck will be needed for their transportation.  They posses the largest tanks, and will give you the cubic feet per minute in air flow you are looking for.

Will It Be Your Bread and Butter?

Commercial-grade air compressors are for those who need a steady supply of air all day long. These are designed to be able to deliver the amount of air that you need, in a steady flow. You will not have to wait for your tank to refill or recharge. These compressors possess the most advanced technology that is on the market, which will guarantee a superior performance. These are perfect for powering machinery, for manufacturing, or other commercial applications. Many times these compressors are especially designed for the applications that will be using them.

No matter which category you are looking for, do your research to ensure that the make and model that you choose will do the job. It is better to spend a little more, and buy a compressor that will put out more air than you anticipate needing, then not having enough air to do your job.