The Need For Self Storage In Long Beach

I was moving from my home in St. George, Utah to a new place in Long Beach, and I was really excited for my new adventure. My apartment in St. George was considerably bigger and had a lot of storage space. My new place in Long Beach was very small, and I knew I needed to find self storage in Long Beach in order to accommodate all of my belongings. I asked my new roommate if she knew of self storage in Long Beach that was near our home, so it would be easy for me to get to the items that I needed. She recommended a place that she had stored some of her things, and told me that the monthly rental was very reasonable. She offered to drive me there to get situated with a storage unit. The storage unit was really nice, and it was just a few blocks from our home. I took several pieces of furniture to my new storage unit and left them there, as there was no room in my new apartment for them. The furniture items fit well, and I was happy that the storage place was so close to my apartment.